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vanity number case studies


A start-up mail order contact lens company 1-800-LENS NOW switched to 1-800-CONTACTS and saw business grow within three years from a two-person company to a publicly traded (NASDAQ: CTAC) company with a $400 million market cap. 1-800-CONTACTS felt the immediate impact of their new toll-free number with a 20% increase in response rates and a 25% increase in repeat business.


And because 1-800-CONTACTS has the most memorable number in the industry, they also see business increase every time a competitor runs a big ad campaign - consumers naturally call 1-800-CONTACTS, the most obvious and memorable number, because they can't remember the original advertiser's number.


Lesson Learned: No matter what number you are using now, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your advertising with an 800 premier vanity number.


1.800.FLOWERS When 1-800-FLOWERS launched in 1986, its main competitor, FTD, had a 75-year head start, thousands of local representatives and one of the most recognizable brands in America. What FTD didn't have was a memorable phone number.


1-800-FLOWERS is now four times larger than FTD and has a market cap of $850 M. 1-800-FLOWERS sold over $40 million of flowers over the phone in it's last fiscal quarter compared to FTD's total revenue of $22 million in that same time period. FTD later adopted an 800 vanity number, 1-800-SEND FTD, but it could not overcome the intrinsic power of 1-800-FLOWERS - the most memorable number in the industry.


Lesson Learned: Even if you already advertise, don't become the "FTD" of your community when your competition comes to market with a more powerful 800 premier vanity number. An 800 premier vanity number can gain and protect a larger share of your local market.